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Unlock The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Create A Life Of Limitless Possibilities

Discover my unique, awakening, transformational approach to become the best version of yourself

Jasmine Nagnoug

Your expert life coach and transformational hypnotherapist

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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unhappy, and/or do you have a poor relationship with yourself and others?

Are you feeling lost, anxious, and completely stuck in unhealthy patterns or dysfunctional relationships that are not beneficial for you?

Do you have the impression to live your life on auto-pilot, stressed-out, and being disconnected from your authentic self and others?

Do you suffer from physical or emotional pain, from addictions, eating disorders, cancer, and/or an auto-immune disease?

Do you want to effect changes in your life, but feel hopeless and helpless?

Do you have a low sense of self-esteem, lack confidence, and have you been struggling to find your life purpose?

If at least one of those examples sound like you, don’t despair!


If at least one of these examples sounds like you, don’t despair!

My unique, awakening, transformational approach is going to help you understand on a deeper level what lies beneath all of your problems.

By gaining awareness about your subconscious programming, where your childhood wounds and your cultural conditioning have held you back and led you to form limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, you will heal and unleash your potential in unexpected ways.

It is only by healing and improving the way you relate to yourself that you will be able to transform not only your life, but also your relationships with others!

As you transform and awaken into a more healed, authentic, confident version of yourself, your life will become more fulfilling, aligned with your values and goals, and your relationships with your partner, children, family, friends, and colleagues will flourish magically.

Jasmine Nagnoug

Your dedicated therapist and transformational coach

 The key to success: transform the relationship with your own self to improve all the areas of your life!

An unhealthy relationship with your own self will create havoc into your life and will impact negatively all the other areas of your life such as your relationships with others, your health, your success, achieving your goals, and your wellbeing in general (eg. Stress, anxiety, anger, sleep, addictions, etc.)

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“My 3 step therapeutic and coaching approach will help you get unstuck, heal, and transform your life in a way you’ve never imagined.

Step 1


I believe that we can’t heal what we don’t understand. Therefore, finding the root cause of any physical, emotional, mental, relational, or behavioral issue is essential and the first step in your HEALING  journey!

Step 2


The second step is to do deep healing work and free you from your past hurts and traumas. This is what is called “HEALING THE INNER CHILD”, that is connecting with the younger versions of you who have experienced emotional wounds. Thanks to therapeutic techniques, together we will upgrade your limiting beliefs and help you embody a better version of YOU!

Step 3


The third step is about building skills that will help you gain the results you want in all the areas of your life: your relationships, your parenting journey, your personal or professional life. Reconnecting with your authentic self, unleashing the potential you were born with, and giving you the confidence to BE EMPOWERED are part of my unique approach to therapy and coaching.

Transforming with Jasmine

During the transformational programs and courses with me, you will

➤ Heal, find love, strength, and peace within you

➤ Transform your relationships as a partner or as a parent

➤ Transform as a person,

➤ And learn powerful skills to flourish and navigate your life for the better!


You are one decision away from your TRANSFORMATION

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Hala N., Jeddah, KSA

When I had my hypnosis session with Jasmine, I was hitting rock bottom, mentally and physically. I was suffering from severe anxiety and a nervous breakdown. I thought I was going to die; it was horrible! From my first session, I felt so much better I couldn't believe it! I felt so much more in control, a lot more empowered. I was even able to drive though I have always been afraid of driving. I just instantly calmed down and became more reasonable and in control of my thinking and feelings. I later on got addicted to the recordings which have become my safe spot, my grounding tool. Jasmine's angelic voice is an extra advantage as I found the recordings very soothing and calming that they would help me fall asleep too. Having this session with Jasmine was literally a life saving decision and I'm very thankful to Jasmine.

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