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Discover my unique transformational approach to become the best parent for your child!
Are you constantly yelling at your kids who just won’t listen when you are talking to them in a normal tone?
Do you lose your temper when you try to control your children who simply won’t cooperate?
Are there repetitive arguments in your home that make you feel so disconnected with your teenagers?
Do you feel that your good intentions to fix issues and mediate conflicts are either useless or misunderstood?
Are you wondering whether you have been unlucky having to deal with a “difficult” child or that you are “the problem” and feel like a failure as a parent?
Do you sometimes feel like zoning out or fleeing the house because you just can’t connect or feel happy around your children and family?

Hello 👋


I’m Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai, but most people call me either Yasmine or Jasmine!


As an educator at heart, a therapist and a coach by calling, and above all a blessed mother of three children, now aged 8,15, and 19, I help parents in their parenting journey to move from conflict and/or disconnect to building a deep and conscious connection with their child/teen.


In my unique and holistic approach and programs, I combined therapy and coaching to give my clients optimum results that will allow them to feel healed, empowered, and confident to progress both in their personal as well as in their parenting journey.


As you transform as an individual, all your relationships - including the unique bond you share with your children - will begin to transform beautifully and positively.  🦋

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If you feel stuck or overwhelmed as a parent, don’t despair!
The Awakened Transformational Parent Program™ is going to help you understand your parenting style based on your essence, natural temperament, and your childhood “wounds”.
By gaining knowledge about your own conditioning and deconstructing the ways you react with your children, you will be able to not only heal your “own inner child”, and feel so much more at peace with yourself, but also to connect on a much deeper level with your “own child”.
As you transform into a more relaxed, conscious parent, your relationship with your children will flourish magically.
You will be able to communicate in a more effective way and this will have a positive impact on the whole family dynamic and your relationships in general.
My 3-step holistic therapeutic and coaching approach starts with taking you on a deep introspection journey to free you from what’s holding you back, heal you, and then guide you to unleash your potential and reconnect with your authentic self and your loved ones. 
Finding the root cause
I believe that we can’t heal what we don’t understand. Therefore, finding the root cause of any physical, emotional, mental, or behavioral pain is essential and the first step in your healing journey.
2 Freeing you from your past
The second step is to do deep healing work and free you from your past hurts or traumas. This is what is called "healing the inner child", that is connecting with the younger versions of you who have experienced emotional wounds. Thanks to therapeutic techniques, together we will upgrade your limiting beliefs and help you embody a better version of you.
3 Empowering you
The third step is about building skills that will help you gain the results you want in all the areas of your life: your relationships, your parenting journey, your personal or professional life. Reconnecting with your authentic self, unleashing the potential you were born with, and giving you the confidence to be empowered are part of my unique approach to therapy and coaching.
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·  A profound UNDERSTANDING of your subconscious blocks and patterns preventing you from healing the emotional pains and past traumas from your childhood and being your most authentic, peaceful self.

·  A good KNOWLEDGE of your parenting style and how it is affecting your relationship with your children, and hence the family dynamics.

·  Clear INSIGHTS on the connection between your “wounded inner child” and “your own child’s challenges” and practical SOLUTIONS to build conscious parenting SKILLS that strengthen and improve your relationship with your children.

·  A deep AWARENESS on how-to live-in alignment with your core values, your personality, your desires, your aspirations, and your life purpose.

·  A feeling of EMPOWERMENT as you leave the “victim mode” and will be able to join the dots of what was hijacking you and preventing you from becoming the best parent you have always aspired to be.

·  And a sense of FREEDOM as you will move from living on “auto-pilot” mode to an AWAKENED, CONSCIOUS, EMPOWERING mode where possibilities of authenticity, love, and deep connections are totally available and possible!
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               My name is Courtney M., and I have 3 children aged 19, 16, and 10. I have been working with Jasmine on my parenting issues and these are the results I have managed to achieve so far:

               I have moved from a complete state of disconnection, confusion, pain, emptiness to a more transparent, joyous, peaceful, and meaningful relationship with my kids.

              Jasmine’s diverse knowledge in the fields of therapy, coaching, and philosophy has made such a positive impact in my understanding of my parenting role and approach to relationships in general.

               In comparison with many of my previous therapists who never truly understood me, Jasmine’s methods are not only efficient, but also truly transforming. I would never feel like I gained any knowledge nor real help from the traditional psychologists or therapists’ sessions, it just felt redundant and no obvious progress was made.

               The first time I spoke with Jasmine, I felt as if someone had lifted this heavy rock that was sitting on my    chest honestly. Her sense of morality, her professionalism, open-mindedness, empathy, and calm demeanor were enough for me to confirm I had made the right choice.

               Thank you Jasmine! You have awakened the best in me as a human being and as a parent and my journey continues with more consciousness and compassion both for me and my children now.

                                                                                       Courtney, M. United Kingdom

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