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  • What is RTT®?
    RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is an amazing cutting-edge therapy created by the top UK therapist Marisa Peer. It is a hybrid, stand-alone therapy combining many well-regarded approaches of modern psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, neuroplasticity, counselling, and coaching. It is made up of powerful solution-focused techniques to offer fast and lasting results. It has been developed by Marisa Peer for over 30 years of experience, based on evidence of what works with real clients in real sessions. RTT® has proven to deliver outstanding results, often in just one to three sessions. It works because rather than treating clients’ presenting symptoms, RTT® extracts the root cause of every client’s issue thanks to hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is indeed a major component of RTT® as the therapist guides the client to dialogue with their subconscious mind where up to 95% of our programmes are stored since our childhood. Once the client has been regressed to key childhood events related to their presenting issue, deep analytical and reprogramming work takes place to encode new empowering beliefs making changes not only possible but also lasting. We are not born with negative beliefs and habits, we acquire them. RTT® explores those limiting beliefs and helps clients understand and reframe them. RTT® empowers clients by encoding new beliefs, thought patterns and action patterns that enable dramatic changes in their present and offer limitless possibilities for their future. Presenting issues include but are not limited to confidence, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, weight issues, compulsive behaviour, insomnia, addictions, fears, phobias, skin conditions, infertility, autoimmune disorders, children’s problems (bed-wetting, nail biting, sleeping, separation anxiety, etc.), unhappy teens and adolescence related issues, exam nerves, public speaking, procrastination, memory, concentration, and sporting performance.
  • What is RTC®?
    Rapid Transformational Coaching, RTC®, is the complementary method of RTT®, a form of therapeutic coaching. RTC® integrates the effectiveness of RTT® to create a multi-dimensional coaching method. RTT’s® powerful tools enable RTC® Coaches to support their client in understanding the root cause of their limiting beliefs and why they have been unable to effect change in their lives. RTC® follows a unique 6 step model of success that enables coaches to lead their clients efficiently to the progress and success they have yearned in their lives. RTC’s® bespoke framework has been approved by the International Coaching Federation, ICF, and has already proven to be both powerful and transformational. Created also by Marisa Peer, this method delivers both therapy and coaching while adapting to the clients’ specific needs. It combines both the powerful tools of RTT® and the best techniques of coaching. RTC® gives the coach the possibility to work with the client at different levels, from pure coaching at a conscious level of mind to RTT® at a subconscious level of mind, or somewhere in between. Based on Marisa Peer 30 year-long experience as both a world known therapist and coach, it offers a unique approach and outstanding results. The areas of expertise include a wide range of issues from anxiety to weight problems or addictions. The time frame is generally longer than RTT® as a more thorough coaching work is offered to really help the client implement the lasting changes, they truly desire.
  • What can I expect from a RTT® session?
    l will help you reach a deeply relaxed state to enable you to go under hypnosis and dialogue with your subconscious mind. Then I will regress you to past scenes that have all to do with your presenting problem. Revisiting some key scenes from your past will allow you to discover the interpretation you created at that time and the limiting beliefs you formed around these past events. From there, I will guide you through some powerful tools to interrupt and reframe those beliefs and install instead empowering, beneficial ones that will help you transform and reach your goals. Once that has been achieved, I will give you a bespoke hypnosis audio to reinforce the work we would have done during the RTT® session. You will need to listen to this recording for at least 21 days and then we will have a follow-up session to evaluate your progress. The session will last between 90 min to 120 min.
  • What can I expect from a RTC® session?
    An RTC® session is very much like a coaching session where we will have a discussion around your presenting issue and the goals you want to achieve. However, since RTC® is a form of therapeutic coaching, I will also use some powerful tools that enable us to work both at the level of the conscious and the subconscious mind, and even somewhere in between. The session will last around 60 minutes.
  • What is the difference between hypnotherapy and RTT®?
    Both hypnotherapy and RTT® use hypnosis. However, the process is different. Hypnotherapy can cover a wide range of practices as there are different schools. But typically, during a traditional hypnotherapy session, the therapist helps the client to access their subconscious mind by using suggestions and convincers and with the aim of helping the client achieve the healing results they want. Usually, it takes between 6 to 10 sessions to see lasting results. RTT® is a more comprehensive therapy method because it uses a set of therapeutic techniques, including hypnotherapy. RTT® is also different from standard hypnotherapy because it focuses on finding the root cause of the client’s issue, which is a key element in the healing process. Indeed, we cannot heal what we do not understand. Therefore, once clients understand when, how, and why they formed negative beliefs and behaviours, they feel more empowered to make real change and they do not need to be convinced that change is possible. Satisfying results can be obtained between 1 to 3 sessions.
  • How can RTT® impact health?
    The RTT® method includes neuroplasticity techniques. It has been scientifically proven that we can rewire our minds through neuroplasticity. By accessing the subconscious mind, RTT® can create new neural pathways and therefore access the body’s innate ability to heal and restore itself to wellness from a cellular level. Through powerful techniques, such as the command cell therapy and the healing vortex, RTT® can help with medical issues and impact your health positively.
  • Can anyone be hypnotised?
    Hypnosis is a natural state. We have several brain waves: alpha, beta, delta, and theta, each one is associated with a different state of mind. When you go in and out of those brain waves, part of that process is hypnosis. Hence hypnosis is not mystical, but scientifically based. Most of the highest performing athletes use hypnosis to improve their performances.
  • Is hypnosis safe?
    There is nothing dangerous about hypnosis; it is a natural state, and we all enter hypnosis multiple times during the day without knowing it. We are in a hypnotic state while we are daydreaming, or being absorbed by a book, watching a movie, or even driving the same route every day for instance. We use hypnosis in hypnotherapy and RTT® as a healing modality. So, there’s absolutely nothing dangerous about it! However, hypnosis is not recommended for people who are suffering from epilepsy or and are experiencing psychosis for medical and safety reasons.
  • What if I cannot come out of hypnosis?
    I will guide you through suggestions and lead you to close your eyes so you enter a very relaxed state, but if for any reasons you want to open your eyes, you can. You are in control the entire time! Whilst working online, the internet might drop off and if my clients don’t hear me talking for a couple of minutes, they know that they can open their eyes and connect with me again; and this has happened multiple times. Nobody stayed under hypnosis forever. Getting stuck in hypnosis is simply a myth because it’s not possible from a scientific point of view.
  • Can you make me do things I do not want under hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a very relaxed state with heightened awareness induced by suggestions. Your body might be very relaxed, but since your mind is highly alert, you will only let in suggestions that you think are right for you. No one can control you in doing silly things, nor asking you to write a big cheque for them! When I tell my client something that sounds not quite right for them, they immediately correct me because they are highly alert. Hypnotherapy and RTT® have nothing to do with stage hypnotists who carefully select their subjects and whose aim is to impress the audience. The aims of an RTT® practitioner are to help you find the root cause of your presenting problem, to help you heal, and transform by empowering you and changing your thought and action patterns.
  • What does it feel like to be under hypnosis?
    Being under hypnosis is similar to meditating or being very absorbed by a relaxing activity. You feel a deep state of relaxation that enables you to “switch off” your conscious, critical mind and turn inward to enter a dialogue with your subconscious mind. Thanks to this deeply relaxed state, you will be able to revisit key moments and memories from your past. I will work alongside you to interpret the limiting beliefs you formed, often as a child but not always, and then interrupt those beliefs to reframe more positive, empowering ones that will help you heal and move forward in your adult life.
  • What are the benefits of combining therapy and coaching?
    Therapy in general, focuses on healing past hurts that have been affecting your life from a mental, emotional, psychological, and even physical point of view. RTT® is a therapy-based method that deals with the past and helps particularly to find the root cause of any issue you may be facing. Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the present and the future. The aim is to identify and explore what is going on in your current life that is keeping you stuck, and from there to gain insights and interrupt any limiting beliefs or behaviours that are not serving you. Once this has been achieved, you can focus on your future and implement tools to help you achieve your goals and expand your potential. My mission is to give my clients optimum and lasting results; hence I have combined therapy and coaching in several of my programs such as the Awakened Transformational Parenting Program™, the Healing and Self-development Journey, and the Healing and Thriving Journey. We can discuss which program suits your needs and goals best during a free discovery call.

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