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Jasmine Nagnoug

Courtney M

Mother of three children, United Kingdom


My name is Courtney M., and I have 3 children aged 19, 16, and 10. I have been working with Jasmine on my parenting issues and these are the results I have managed to achieve so far:

I have moved from a complete state of disconnection, confusion, pain, emptiness to a more transparent, joyous, peaceful, and meaningful relationship with my kids.

Jasmine’s diverse knowledge in the fields of therapy, coaching, and philosophy has made such a positive impact in my understanding of my parenting role and approach to relationships in general.

In comparison with many of my previous therapists who never truly understood me, Jasmine’s methods are not only efficient, but also truly transforming. I would never feel like I gained any knowledge nor real help from the traditional psychologists or therapists’ sessions, it just felt redundant and no obvious progress was made.

The first time I spoke with Jasmine, I felt as if someone had lifted this heavy rock that was sitting on my chest honestly. Her sense of morality, her professionalism, open-mindedness, empathy, and calm demeanor were enough for me to confirm I had made the right choice.

Thank you Jasmine! You have awakened the best in me as a human being and as a parent and my journey continues with more consciousness and compassion both for me and my children now.

Susan L., RTC and RTT colleague, Canada


Jasmine has been such a wonderful inspiring therapist and coach. She was able to clarify my most difficult issue in one session. She is so kind and empathetic and really understanding of where I am coming from and gave me great insight and inspiration to move forward where I was previously blocked and stuck. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing professional! Her qualifications, ability and talent put her in high demand for good reason. I thank you for your time and energy, you have helped me to transform my life and I am truly grateful.

Liz A., U.S.A,


Jasmine is the most thoughtful caring therapist ever. When I got a session from her, it was easy to feel comfortable and safe; and she is easy to talk to. She is dedicated to healing and growth and an amazing RTT practitioner. You won't regret reaching out to Jasmine for help!

Bouchra B., Kuwait


I highly recommend Jasmine's RTT sessions because she was able to pinpoint the root and the cause of my issues. She was also keen in building a comprehensive understanding of how she makes me take control of my negative thoughts which kept coming back. Moreover, she was capable of making my old imprints related to my current behavior disappear in one session only and she managed to completely erase them from my memory. Jasmine was able to transform my thinking to smoothly understand why I keep having certain body reactions when my issues arise, which I did not pay attention to before. My back pain and abdominal pain disappeared during the healing process of the Cell Command Therapy technique. As she was smoothly transiting from one healing to another making me more aware of myself and getting lighter after she removed the old burden from over my shoulders. Her soft and velvet voice in her recording has helped me go deeper into my inner self and I enjoyed every minute of her session. She made me believe that every coach needs a coach and every therapist needs a therapist! Do not hesitate to get in touch with her. She is really AMAZING!

Hala N., Jeddah, KSA


When I had my hypnosis session with Jasmine, I was hitting rock bottom, mentally and physically. I was suffering from severe anxiety and a nervous breakdown. I thought I was going to die; it was horrible! From my first session, I felt so much better I couldn't believe it! I felt so much more in control, a lot more empowered.


I was even able to drive though I have always been afraid of driving. I just instantly calmed down and became more reasonable and in control of my thinking and feelings. I later on got addicted to the recordings which have become my safe spot, my grounding tool. Jasmine's angelic voice is an extra advantage as I found the recordings very soothing and calming that they would help me fall asleep too. Having this session with Jasmine was literally a life saving decision and I'm very thankful to Jasmine.

Juliet K., Australia


I had multiple therapy and coaching sessions with Jasmine. From the beginning, I felt the depth of her warmth and how much she cared about helping me to break free from my issue. Her demeanor is reminiscent of a loving mother with an unconditional and non-judgemental approach. I never felt pushed and knew that my comfort was her top priority. She created a safe container enabling me to speak freely and openly. It was no surprise to learn that she leads women’s circles as every interaction felt as if I was encircled in a gentle hug of encouragement. Every step I took throughout the sessions towards progress was acknowledged and celebrated.

Take that first step and make an appointment with Jasmine today! Allow yourself to feel free with the loving guidance of Jasmine!

Nicole E., Dubai, UAE


I was diagnosed with breast cancer, with the shock and not being able to come to terms with having such a serious disease. I was nervous, stressed, and was suffering from a lot of anxiety. I decided I needed help in dealing with this issue and was lucky to find Jasmine. She was amazing, her professionalism and her calmness helped me relax tremendously. The hypnosis worked immediately and I felt calmer and more empowered to deal with my breast cancer treatments. I am glad I was in trusted hands. Jasmine is a great healer and I highly recommend her.

Lea’s mother, France,


My child was bullied in kindergarten and lost her confidence. Jasmine did an in-person session with her and got to the root cause of her problem. She has helped my daughter move on with better self-esteem and confidence. Jasmine was understanding, kind, and very intuitive while helping my daughter. My eight-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed being with Jasmine and I trusted her with my child. I was extremely happy with the results and her professionalism.

Anne L., Switzerland


“After one session with Jasmine there was an immediate change in how I viewed my life situation.”

Jasmine’s professional skills put me at ease right away and helped me locate my old sabotaging thought patterns that were keeping me stuck since being a young girl. Together we were able to  replace  them  with very empowering beliefs that have set me free from feeling I was not able to create money and have the life balance I desired. I have everything I need to create an independent life and I feel so much more capable and motivated to keep moving and transitioning into the person I am destined to be . I am very excited about my future and I have complete faith and understanding that the new life pathway that I wish for is mine and that I am the one responsible for taking the lead role in it.

Ahmed T., UAE

Progress assessment 21 days after his first RTT session (presenting issue: depression, addictions)

Scale 0 to 10


DAY 21

1: I make good decisions and life choices



2: I have a positive, motivating self-talk in my head



3: I can recognise my limiting beliefs and take action.



4: I am comfortable with who I am



5: I am true to myself and express my truth easily



6: I love myself unconditionally



7: I treat my body with love and have healthy habits



8: I have mainly healthy relationships



9: My energy, focus, and motivation levels are quite high



10: I have hope and see possibilities for my future



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