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Transforming with Jasmine

Codepency Test

I can bombard the person to whom I am attached with calls and SMSs when I need to be reassured.
I am, or I used to be, in a relationship with a narcissistic, or with narcissistic tendencies, and/or a toxic person (in a romantic, friendship, familial, or professional context).
Sometimes I tend to exaggerate my needs to get either the support or the attention of my circle.
I consider myself (or people tend to think of me as) as a clingy person in my relationships.
I am capable of staying in relationships that do not make me happy for a long duration.
I have a tendency of looking for a new relationship when another ends as if it were a question of survival.
My circle (sentimental, familial, amical, professional) have said that I have a tendency to expect too much from them.
I am scared that people might abandon me, forget about me, or replace me with someone else they would love more.
I find it hard to say "no" out of fear of damaging my relationships with others.
I am capable of forgetting myself - my needs - or of disrespecting myself in order to keep a relationship (sentimental, amical, professional, familial).
I suffer from one or several addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, etc.), and/or an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, etc.).
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