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Transforming with Jasmine

Working together coaching agreement


This agreement outlines the nature of the coaching relationship between [CLIENT’S NAME] and Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai. It underlines the principles, roles, expectations and working arrangements for the duration of the coaching program.


Coaching is a partnership and collaborative process built on mutual trust, honesty, respect, integrity, transparency and professionalism. The purpose of coaching is to empower you to achieve your desired outcomes and goals, and maximize your potential in the areas of your life that you feel are important to you.

The starting point for coaching involves reviewing your current situation in relation to what you want to work on, identifying a desired future and what is holding you back from it. Working together, we will then develop “action strategies” to help you achieve what you want.


The purpose of our coaching relationship is to empower you and support you to achieve your desired outcomes and goals, and to help you explore and overcome the blocks that have held you back from achieving what you want.

Throughout the coaching program, you will set your own agenda and my role is to respond to your needs. I will help you achieve clarity in your desired outcomes, focus for the changes you will need to make, and guide you in developing “action strategies” towards your transformational goals.


As your coach, I will encourage you to take responsibility for setting your own agenda and ask you to:

• Focus on what you want (not on what you do not want);

• Make time for our coaching sessions and be reliable in keeping appointments;

• Enable you to establish what help, if any, you want/need and how you might access this.


We will work on the areas that you want to focus on for the duration of the coaching. 

  • Complete the tasks and any homework assignments agreed in our coaching sessions;

• Be honest and open in your conversations with me;

• Be open to feedback and constructive challenge, as and when appropriate;

• Be 100% committed to taking responsibility for your own development, decisions, choices and actions, and take the time to participate fully in the program.


What you can expect from me is to:

• Be 100% committed to empowering you and supporting you towards achieving your

transformational goals;

• Keep all appointments and be present for you in sessions;

• Actively listen and help you explore your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, values, feelings and behaviors without imposing my own;

• Be empathic and non-judgmental;

• Enable you to work things out for yourself;

• Help you consider choices and options and decide which course of action is right for you;

• Provide constructive feedback and challenge, as and when appropriate:

• Enable you to establish what help, if any; your want/need and how you might access this.


We will work on the areas that you want to focus on for the duration of the coaching program and we will spend some time at the outset clarifying these so that you are certain you want to spend time and effort on them, and that they will help you achieve your goals


The major difference between therapy and coaching is the focus of the work; therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, the origins of which are rooted in the past, while coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals, with a focus on the future.


RTC® combines the effectiveness of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) with Transformational Coaching. RTT® is a unique, powerful and comprehensive, solution-based approach pioneered by Marisa Peer, one of the world’s most respected therapists, which combines the most beneficial elements of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

As the client, you are guided towards understanding and healing past traumas through work with the subconscious mind, to help you remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This empowers you to move from a place of healing to create a vision for your future and embed behaviors and actions which support you to achieve this.

Both RTT® and RTC® start from the position of providing clarity. The assumption in both RTT® and RTC® is that you as the client hold the intelligence, inherent creativity and subconscious knowledge you require to succeed but need help in gaining access to that part of your consciousness. The focus may be present in the past where RTT® provides clarity and changes limited beliefs. Whereas, coaching provides the vision for the future and my role as the coach is to inspire you with the self-belief and motivation you need to achieve your transformational goals.
RTC® brings together 3 core elements which include the Setting Up for Success (SUS) coaching model, the Rules of the Mind (ROM) framework and the RTT® Tools.

These tools will help you to understand the root cause of your limiting beliefs and why you have held yourself back from achieving your goals, and will support you in effecting the transformational change you want to make. 


The dates and timings of the coaching sessions will be made by mutual agreement and in advance of each session. 

Therapy and Coaching sessions can be rescheduled by either of us with at least 48 hours’ notice. In the event of a no-show or less than 48 hours’ notice of rescheduling, without extenuating circumstances, the session may be forfeited.

If needed, you can contact me at any time in between sessions via email and messaging apps and I will respond to your messages within 24 hours of receipt.


This Working Together Agreement is valid as of .......... and throughout the duration of the Healing and Self-development Journey program.

The investment for the program is ... (see price of each package on website or invoice sent) and payment can either be provided in full in advance or via a payment plan arranged on request following receipt of a deposit to secure the program.


All the information from our sessions is completely confidential and will remain so between us except in the following circumstances:

  • There is a life-threatening situation or if you, as the client, are an imminent danger to yourself or others;

  • There is a requirement to share information by law.

We will keep coaching notes of each session to record the key themes discussed, insights, takeaways and actions agreed, to monitor progress and ensure accountability.

As your coach, I will not disclose any information from the coaching sessions with any parties without your consent and for more information regarding the collection and use of your personal data and information, please read the privacy policy.


We will be open and honest with one another about the coaching relationship itself. 

In the unlikely event that there is a breakdown in the coaching relationship, inadequate commitment to the process or lack of progress being made, either the client or the coach can request a termination of the agreement with one week’s written notice.


As a therapist and coach, I abide by the RTT & RTC Ethical Code of Conduct and  standards of behavior, and at all times will act with integrity, responsibility, competence, respect and professionalism.


Before proceeding with the coaching program, as part of the more detailed Intake process, you will be required to sign that you have read and agreed our privacy policy, disclaimer and terms and conditions of service.


We have discussed and both agree on the nature of the coaching relationship and the principles, roles, expectations and working arrangements for the duration of the coaching program chosen.

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