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The cause of any ISSUE you may be facing today is rooted in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

The revolutionary RTT(®️) method is the best way to FIND OUT why you are stuck and suffering today.

RTT uses Hypnosis, CBT, NLP, Neuro-plasticity, and powerful Therapeutic and Coaching Tools.

The cause of any issue you may be facing is rooted in your subconscious mind

Do you want to find out why you are suffering from anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, eating disorders, weight issues, or whatever is causing you pain and keeping you stuck?

With just one session of RTT, you can easily identify the root cause of your issue. Yes just one session and not countless sessions with your psychologist or psychiatrist!

If you want to heal further and unleash your potential, we could combine therapy and coaching for maximum, long lasting results!

Are you ready to stop the PAIN, gain INSIGHTS, and make CHANGES?


Whatever the ISSUE you are suffering from - stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, addictions, fears, phobias, feeling not good enough, confidence, self-esteem, pain control, physical issues, sleep, eating disorders, weight issues, relationships, career goals, procrastination, motivation, money problems - I will help you find the root cause, heal, and deal with WHAT LIES BENEATH YOUR PROBLEM.


My Therapeutic and Coaching Approach

Whether your issue is mental, emotional, physical, behavioral, or relational, I believe that your subconscious mind can solve your problem. 

Any healing and self-development journey starts with YOU!

Are you ready to STOP THE PAIN and TRANSFORM YOUR OWN SELF, so you can then transform all the other areas of YOUR LIFE for the better?

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Areas of expertise


Stress, depression, and/or anxiety can really affect your life negatively, sometimes to the point of feeling helpless, hopeless, and even crippled with fears and the feeling that things can’t get better. You don’t have to stay in this miserable situation and life can and do get better if you seek the right help from a health professional. RTT is particularly effective and powerful in treating symptoms of depression, stress, and / or anxiety because everything starts with your thoughts and your belief system. By finding the root cause of your issues, rewiring your mind to see your problems from a different angle, and then reframing your anxious, stressful, or depressed thoughts, you can really shift your life for the better, regain energy, joy, and the motivation to take actions with optimism and positivity.

Stretching Exercises


If you have a health issue, an auto-immune disease, chronic pains, and would like to live a life without so much medication, you first need to find the emotional root cause of your physical ailment in order to alleviate, or completely eradicate its symptoms. Hypnosis, and some RTT® tools such as cell command therapy or the healing vortex, are really powerful therapeutic techniques to dig deep into the root cause, help you heal and experience a healthier lifestyle.

School Corridor


Parenting can be challenging at various stages of your child's growth. Being a mother myself and an experienced teacher, I can help your child with issues such as bed-wetting, sleep, fears, nail-biting, or anxiety. I can also help your teenager with  common problems like exam nerves, bullying, or social anxiety.



If you have experienced a childhood trauma, have been dragging an emotional wound for years, experienced an emotional shock or a bereavement, it can seem unbearable to surmount the daily pain and stop the destructive patterns that ruin your life. Deep therapy work, thanks to RTT® and RTC®, will help you heal, regain your self-esteem and confidence, unstuck you from all the blocks you have been carrying, and enable you to lead a more peaceful and joyous life overall.

Together But Apart


If you want to free yourself from a bad habit, some addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.),  OCDs, some eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.), or even some dysfunctional relationship patterns, you need first to understand the root cause of your issue and then empower yourself and regain full control of your life. Some of my therapeutic and coaching programs will really benefit you. 

Stock Market


If you feel unfulfilled, want to unleash your full potential, maximize your performance at work, or lead a life in harmony with your inner identity and values, both my individual and group programs will benefit you.

Tyiping on laptop


Should you have any other specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to assist you. Both my group therapy programs - online creative writing therapy and my women wellbeing circles - can also tremendously support you in your healing and self-development journey.

How can I help you?

Here are a few services and packages that I offer. However I am aware that each individual is unique, hence I am always willing to adapt my programs to my clients’ needs and goals. So let’s jump on a free consultation call and discuss how I can help you heal and transform!


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