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 What can I help you with?

Both RTT and RTC are powerful methods of therapy and coaching that can help clients overcome a wide array of issues related either to their health, personal, or professional life. My particular areas of expertise are the following. However, should you need help in a specific area that is not explitcitly listed, do not hesitate to contact me.

Free from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression

Stress, anxiety, depression

If you are suffering from temporary stress or chronic stress, you are often feeling anxious, you have panic attacks, live with depression, and cannot seem to be able to function normally, RTT can really alleviate your symptoms and above all extract the root cause of this unease so you can live a freer, more balanced life.

 Trauma, PTSD, complex PTSD

If you have experienced a childhood trauma, have been dragging an emotional wound for years, experienced an emotional shock or a bereavement, it can seem unbearable to surmount the daily pain and stop the destructive patterns that ruin your life. Deep therapy work, thanks to RTT and RTC, will help you heal, regain your self-esteem and confidence, unstuck you from all the blocks you have been carrying, and enable you to lead a more peaceful and joyous life overall.

Heal from Trauma, PTSD, and complex PTSD
Free from addictions, bad habits, OCDs, and codependency

Addictions, codependency, bad habits, OCDs

If you want to free yourself from a bad habit, some addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.), co-dependency and relationship issues, OCDs, or even some eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.), you need first to understand the root cause of your issue and then empower yourself and regain full control of your life. Some of my therapeutic and coaching programs will really benefit you. 

Health, pain control, immunity

If you have a health issue, an auto-immune disease,

chronic pains, and would like to live a life without so much medication, you first need to find the emotional root cause of your physical ailment in order to alleviate, or completely eradicate its symptoms. Hypnosis, and some RTT tools such as cell command therapy or the healing vortex, are really powerful therapeutic techniques to dig deep into the root cause, help you heal and experience a healthier lifestyle. 

Alleviate physical pain, control pain, boost immunity, ease auto-immune diseases
Free yourself from procrastination, increase your performance, become more fulfilled, and excel both in your personal and professional life.

Performance, procrastination, fulfillment, excellence

If you feel unfulfilled, want to unleash your full potential, maximize your performance at work, or lead a life in harmony with your inner identity and values, both my individual and group programs will benefit you.

Children and teenagers

Parenting can be challenging at various stages of your child's growth, being a mother myself and an experienced teacher, I can help your child with issues of bed-wetting, sleep, fears, nail-biting, anxiety or your teenager with more serious issues like exam nerves, bullying, or social anxiety.

Help your child with issues of bed-wetting, sleep, fears, nail-bitting, anxiety, and teenagers with exam nerves, bullying, or social anxiety.
other physical or mental health concerns

Other concerns

Should you have any other specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

Both my group therapy programs - online creative writing therapy and my women wellbeing circles - can also tremendously support you in your healing and self-development journey.

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