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How can Words impact our Mind?

Updated: Mar 24

The American writer, Jessamyn West, once wrote, “A broken bone can heal, but the

wound a word opens can fest forever.”

Words can hurt emotionally much more than a physical wound because they

impregnate our subconscious mind like worms can penetrate a piece of fruit and make it


Who is in control of your thoughts?

While we appear to be in charge of ourselves and what we choose to believe in, we

cannot control what other people think of us, and what they think about the world

around us. People around you - your partner, parents, teachers, colleagues, leaders,

above all the mass media - will make tons of suggestions that can influence your

way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Their influence can either be positive and productive or negative and destructive. Their suggestions are what we call hetero-suggestions, which can greatly impact your thinking, your mind, your feelings, and your mental, emotional, and physical health; in a nutshell your reality!

So, remember this fundamental rule of the mind: whatever your conscious - reasoning

mind - believes, your subconscious - suggestive mind - will act upon. Since the

subconscious mind doesn’t make comparisons, analyze, or reason things out for itself, it

cannot discern if what you tell it - or what people tell you - is true or false,

healthy or unhealthy, productive or destructive. Therefore, you need to be very careful

of what suggestions you let in through your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is the watchman at the gate!

To help you be more mindful and proactive about which suggestions you allow to make

an impression on you or not, imagine your conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate”

and its main role is to protect your subconscious mind from false impressions, and non-

beneficial suggestions.

And when your conscious and subconscious minds collaborate, you can then become unstoppable, and you can create the life of love, peace, and abundance you want!

Therefore, if you have been telling yourself wrong, fearful, non-loving, and non-

beneficial suggestions to yourself either because of your auto-suggestions or the

hetero-suggestions of people in your environment, it is now high time to rewire your

mind and tell yourself better lies.

Indeed, these suggestions were not even true in the first place, so why should you continue to believe them?

It is never too late to write a better story for yourself!

However, it is never too late for you to wake up from that nightmare that you have

unconsciously co-created. It is indeed never too late to tell yourself a better lie and write

a better story for yourself.

Let your conscious mind hold the pen and instil in your subconscious mind powerful,

loving, positive, beneficial suggestions. Let your conscious mind become a protective

guardian for you and refuse to let in your subconscious any suggestions from others

that aren’t beneficial and constructive for you. Let your conscious mind become a loving

parent for you that boosts your self-esteem and increases your confidence.

And then, observe the power of your subconscious mind as it creates a beautiful, empowering, and loving story for you!

Therefore, remember the tremendous power of suggestions! You are in charge, and you

can counteract any negative suggestion!

The suggestions of others have no power over you unless you give them your mental consent to let them in and pollute your mind, emotions, soul, and life… Stop! Say No! And refuse to entertain limited thoughts that do not belong to you.

Every day, you have the power to change twice: your thinking and your doing!

Every single day you have the power to change twice because you can change your

thinking first, and then your thinking will influence your reality. You are in control of your

thoughts, no one else is! You can choose! Choose you! Choose life! Choose love!

Choose abundance! Choose peace!

You get to choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions every single day. And whatever

you auto-suggest to yourself becomes your reality. So be mindful of your words and

your inner talk to create peace, happiness, harmony, love, and abundance in your life.

Tell yourself a better lie to manifest a better life! And don’t let other people’s lies destroy


And as always, take care of YOU!

If you find it hard to think positively about yourself, boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence, do not hesitate to jump on a free discovery call with me. I will show you how to rewire your mind to create a life of limitless possibilities!

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Yasmina Nagnoug

Transforming with Jasmine

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