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The Healing and Thriving Journey

6 months of  deep Therapy and Coaching Program

24 weeks program includes:
- 6 full RTT therapy sessions (of 2 hours each) 
- 6 follow-up RTT sessions (of 1 hour each)
- 12 RTC coaching sessions (1 hour each) to unblock your limiting beliefs, gain clarity and support on achieving your goals, and unleash your potential to live a fulfilling life.
+ 4 to 6 powerful hypnosis audio recordings
+Full support via email or messages throughout the program

1. Access to my What's app for further support
2. Customized session to plan a self-care routine
3. Customized session to learn to journal
GUARANTEE: I guarantee that if you do not feel any improvement, I will continue to work with you for 2 extra weeks at no additional cost.

*conditions apply: you should not be under the influence of any toxic substances and you should be committed to your healing and coaching journey. Furthermore, if I had initially recommended the 6 month plan for you, then the extra session offer will not apply for you.

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