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The Awakened Transformational Parent Program

12 week healing and coaching program for parents

This 12 week awakening journey for parents to move from disconnect to building a deeper 
connection with themselves and their children includes:

- 1 evaluation call to map out your transformational awakening journey
- 1 pre-session relaxation recording to prepare you for your 1st RTT session
- 3 RTT sessions to find out the root cause of your presenting problem(s)
- 3 bespoke audio hypnosis recordings
- 3 RTT follow-up sessions to support your progress
- 5 RTC coaching sessions 
- 1 assessment, celebration call at the end of your journey

1. Unlimited WhatsApp support in addition to the email exchanges
2. Post-program customized session to plan your self-care routine

GUARANTEE: if you have not experienced any improvement after 12 weeks of therapy and coaching, I will work with you during 2 extra weeks at no extra cost*.

*conditions apply: you should not be under the influence of any toxic substances and you should be committed to your healing and coaching journey. Furthermore, if I had initially recommended the 6 month plan for you, then the extra session offer will not apply for you.

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